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Imagine a world where Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Awareness, and Emotional fitness are valued as much as academic achievement, social status, and physical fitness.


This is the world Dido is set out to create.

"Educator, Speaker, Entrepreneur" 

After moving across the ocean from West Africa and graduating from John Hopkins University, Dido became a public school teacher in inner-city Miami, Florida. He noticed that his students shared many of the same struggles he experienced growing up, such as extreme poverty, lack of socioeconomic support, and inability to regulate strong emotions. 


He recognized that many of these struggles were impediments to living a happy and fulfilling life, and that traditional education did not equip students with the tools to overcome them. Dido sought a solution to foster the proper mental resilience and coping skills so that students and faculty alike could reach their utmost potential and live their best lives. 


This is where he found mindfulness, a science-based approach to design a more meaningful and successful life through emotional intelligence, psychological awareness, and mental health. 

That is when Dido embarked on his journey to foster mindfulness around the world. 

Today, Dido has trained thousands of students, parents, and educators through speaking engagements, community workshops, and coaching sessions. As a speaker and brain trainer, his work spans throughout the United States and across multiple continents, reaching communities in places like Brazil and Jordan. 

Dido's workshops have been called "life changing" by students and parents alike, and many education professionals have referred to it as "the best personal development session" in their careers. 

Whether you are an individual, an organization, or a business, learning about the brain, emotional awareness, and self regulation will amplify your success, create stronger bonds with your community, and shed new light on your own identity. Dido can help you on your journey to unlocking your untapped potential.

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