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Dido's Work

Dido's professional experience in bringing mindfulness to people and organizations spans across continents.


He specializes in solving human problems at both the individual and institutional levels through modern mindfulness practices. 

You can learn more about his work below, or keep up to date through his blog.


February, 2019

Dido was invited to the capital city of Amman in the country of Jordan  by a network of schools. He taught faculty, students, and parents  on modern mindfulness practices, effectively reaching every level of the local school community.


October 2018 

Dido was invited by a group of schools in Brazil to train the staff and students on mindfulness. His teachings served as the foundation for their own mindfulness practices.

TEDx Talk

In his TEDx Talk, Dido talks about his adventure moving from Cameroon to studying at an elite American university, and how his unique experience has shaped his professional journey.

Do you want your organization to reach the  next level of mindfulness?

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